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Izmir’s Call for Collective Wisdom: Time for Izmir


Time for Izmir collective wisdom call invites ground-breaking ideas to Izmir, to redesign all aspects of life; not only buildings, parks and streets, but also the trade, agriculture, tourism, culture and art altogether.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the president of Izmir Foundation Tunç Soyer states: “The conditions we have faced, show us that there are two miraculous keys to build a resilient city. First comes the togetherness and solidarity. The focusing of various dynamics of the city into a single goal and to meet in collective wisdom.  Another secret to maintain a resillient city is to secure the right to live. It is not possible to increase the quality of life without securing and respecting the right to live.

We recognize the collective wisdom and right to live as  focal points to become a resillient city and we achieved this reconciliation  with the contribution of our stakeholders. We define the source of social and economic development as “innovative ideas”. This unification is a call to reconstruct a new life originating from Izmir; a new life resilient to natural disasters, a new life in peace with nature, in harmony and liberty.  We do not understand transformation as solely spatial transformation; it is neccessary to combine this with an intellectual and managerial transformation. Only then can we speak of a transformation that projects itself to all aspects of life.”

An Izmirian Actor, Haluk Bilginer dubbed the Time for Izmir Promotional Video

Renowned actor and an Izmirian Haluk Bilginer, dubbed the Time for Izmir promotion video which has been produced with the support of Izmir Development Agency. The video connects the 8,500-years long heritage of Izmir with its’ present; emphasizes the permanence of Izmir, which has survived countless disasters throughout history.

To join the Time for Izmir

You can visit Izmir Foundation campaign page to join the Time for Izmir collective wisdom call which was established thanks to the partnership between the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Foundation. You can participate in this campaign as an Izmir volunteer, by submitting a project or by supporting the Izmir City Fund.